Inventory Liquidation, prices slashed storewide !

How it all began

Quartermaster Collectibles actually started as Quartermaster Corps in the mid '80s.  A team of 4 friends looked at toy soldiers from the perspective of military modelers and thought, "what if we gave more life to the poses, conveying a sense of action?"  

This was to become the basis for a line of Zulu war and World War I glossy figures and equipment in 54mm created by my father, Carl Hoegermeyer.

Eventually the market changes and retirement gave way to a new approach for the business.  The spin caster and painting booth was replaced by collections of Toy Soldiers, Militaria, Books, Beer Steins, Model Trains and other collectible items.  

We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and perhaps find those items which have been missing from your collection.

Best Regards,

Ralph Hoegermeyer

In loving memory of my father, Carl L. Hoegermeyer